The Bridge Group offers today’s global marketplace innovative and far reaching solutions. We are a network of 13 regional law firms in the U.S. and Europe that work together to serve client needs. Individually and collectively, the Bridge Group firms are committed to providing the highest level of quality, expertise, service and value to their clients and to each other, as they work collaboratively to cover different geographic regions and to address different areas of expertise. 

Being able to call upon other members of the Bridge Group allows each firm to provide clients with local expertise as well as cutting edge legal resources in newly developing areas of practice. Unlike the mega-firms, the Bridge Group firms' cost structures enable them to provide responsive personal service from partner level attorneys at reasonable rates, along with the great breadth and depth of the network.

Clients with multi-jurisdictional matters are afforded the comfort of working with a firm they know and respect while getting the benefit of the entire network's expertise.
Whether it is a straightforward referral from one firm to another or a collective effort in a highly complex case, the Bridge Group clients know that they will receive high value and great service.

The Bridge Group was founded in 1993 by the Rawlings Giles, Williams Mullen and Nossaman law firms in London, Virginia and California.  Other firms have since joined the Group, which now consists of 13 firms and approximately 1800 lawyers in multiple U.S. and European jurisdictions.  Each new firm is vetted by a stringent due diligence process before admission to the Group. The Bridge Group members do not pay referral fees to each other and are under no obligation to each member firm.



Each law firm that is a member of the Bridge Group is a separate legal entity and is not affiliated with the other firms in a partnership, joint venture or other legal relationship. Nothing in the information contained in this site or other written or verbal material does, or should it be construed to create such a relationship.

Each firm maintains complete autonomy to exercise professional service on an individual basis.